Too Cold for a Football Game? No Problem!

One common Thanksgiving tradition across America is to watch football, and teens love to see their team face off against their rivals.  If you’re like me, though, football is much too boring, and the weather up here is much too cold, so you need to find another way to pass the time into the coveted feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.  Well, a perfect solution is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Remember that parade you always used to watch when you were little, and you would get so excited when you saw Santa Claus as the grand finale?  Well, it’s still a ton of fun to watch as a teen! Here are some of the highlights from last year’s spectacular:


Dear Evan Hansen

This musical has taken over the Broadway scene since it first premiered on Broadway, and theater fanatics have been obsessing over the hit musical ever since.  The beauty of this musical doesn’t stop at the stage, though, and its excitement translates to their wonderful performance on 34th Street, which opened the parade with a bang.  The cast performed the popular song, “You Will Be Found” from the show. Click here to see the full show-stopping performance.


Angelica Hale

Not much can compete with how adorable young kids with amazing talents are, and this includes Angelica Hale.  After having to undergo a kidney transplant at only six years old, the young singer became well-known after appearing on season 12 of the hit show America’s Got Talent just a few years later.  America fell in love with her voice and her story and skyrocketed her to become the youngest 2nd place finisher ever on the popular reality show.  After appearing on the show, she has made several more TV appearances, such as appearing on Little Big Shots and the 91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Here, she performed an incredible rendition of Alicia Keys’ iconic “Girl on Fire.”

Getty. Angelica Hale rides in the 91st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on

    November 23, 2017 in New York City. 22 Nov. 2017. Zimbio, Livingly Media,

    fqXSTH4gGft. Accessed 14 Nov. 2018.


A Tribute to a Classic

Miracle on 34th Street is no doubt a classic that anyone, whether you’re eight, sixteen, twenty-five, or fourty, can enjoy.  This movie one of the most famous Christmas movies ever created to this day, and last year, the classic movie celebrated its 70th birthday during the Parade.  Macy’s established a tribute to the popular film through one of their giant balloons that have become a trademark of the parade. This balloon was meant to be identical to a balloon that made an appearance in the movie: a balloon of Harold the Baseball Player.  


Harold the Baseball Player will debut in the 2017 Macy‘s Thanksgiving Day

    Parade celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the film classic Miracle on 34th

    Street. Business Wire,

    Twentieth-Century-Fox%E2%80%99s-Holiday-Film-Classic-Miracle. Accessed 14

    Nov. 2018.


The Rockettes

I’m sure many, myself included, have dreamed of becoming a Rockette after seeing them perform in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The Rockettes are a staple of the parade year after year, and with their high-energy, Christmas-inspired, sparkly routines, they are always a crowd pleaser.  The Rockettes were first given the title of “Roxyettes” in the early 1930’s when they first began performing at Radio City Music Hall. It wasn’t until 1934 for the group to be given the famous title of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.  However, the first time they performed in the Parade was thirteen years later in 1957, and they have continued performing year after year ever since. In 2017, their performance consisted of candy cane-inspired costumes, upbeat music, and of course the kick-lines for which they have become famous. Click here to see their full performance for yourself.




So much took place at the 91st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that it  basically impossible to squeeze it all into one blog post. If you want to learn more about what occurred at last year’s parade, click here or here.  If for some reason you’re still unsure whether or not to watch the parade, check this out so you can see some exciting attractions to look forward at this year’s parade.  Hope you tune in!






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2 thoughts on “Too Cold for a Football Game? No Problem!

  1. I really like how you incorporated things that people of all ages and with different interests can enjoy. I also liked how you added links so if someone wanted to learn more about the topic, they could. I clicked on the “Dear Evan Hansen” one and thought it was very fun to watch!


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